Missing Kitty Alert

Your help is needed in getting Milo home. He is now missing for two months. Calling on all friends in Seattle area, North Seattle, in the Bitter Lake neighborhood at N 112th St and Dayton Ave NE. One of our rescue kitties who was adopted through Seattle Area Feline Rescue in Shoreline has gone missing from his home. His name is Milo and he is wearing a blue collar with information to return. He is also microchipped. He only has one eye and it is green-blue. He is a sweet boy who is very trusting and mild-mannered. He is a lover and not a fighter. The owner has neighbors who are looking out for him as they go for walks. He has not been spotted. His sister came home without him. These kitties are from the farm here and have no real idea of how to deal with city life. Someone may have “adopted” him because he was visiting their yard while out and about. Someone may have decided they don’t like him visiting their yard and took him somewhere else to “set him free”. Someone may have moved and he got caught up in moving boxes if he was hiding. There are a number of scenarios that I have encountered or heard of others encountering. Again, he is microchipped. So even if the collar is missing, he can be returned promptly. Please keep a look out for this boy. He is one that is very dear to my heart. I know his new family miss him and his sister does too. They are a bonded pair that were adopted together. Let’s bring Milo home. Thank you! 

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